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Ok, first things first. LadyFace is the new name for the project currently known as The Best Friends With Wolves Club. So if you recognize some of these songs, or if the themes of wide-eyed child wonder mixed with mildly murderous undertones sounds familiar, that is why. So why the name change?

We changed our name because no one could ever remember what we were called..LadyFace works because everyone that plays in the band have a feminine beauty to their faces.

Now on to the album. After a string of EPs under the guise of TBFWWC, Eric and his band of merry music makers have switched names and dropped their first full length ‘When We Go!’. It is slightly ‘harder’ then their previous sound (i.e. louder guitars, more shouting), but the innocent darkness of the songs remain. But that being said, you’ll still find that classic TBFWWC sound on tracks like ‘I Need You Closer' and there was hints at the change in sound when 'Cities Vanishing' was released back in 2011. Kind of a move from ‘bedroom pop’ to ‘bedroom rock’ (although that chorus on ‘Make Me Whole / Take Me Home’ sounds much bigger than the tag ‘bedroom rock’ would imply).

When We Go! was written over the course of a couple of years and in a way feels like a retrospective or greatest hits in a way and it felt like a good start for LadyFace. It begins with the first song recorded for the record and ends with the last song recorded and there’s a two year time span between those.

The album is available as a ‘pay what you like’ purchase, with the minimum set at $0. So whether you’ve got a few shekels weighing down your pay pal account, or whether you’re feeling a bit skint and want to grab it for free, head over to LadyFace’s Bandcamp page and download the album.

LadyFace: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | HI54LOFI

Our dear musical friends The Best Friends With Wolves Club are no more. I would have added a sad face emoticon at the end of that sentence, if it were not for the fact that they are only ‘no more’ in name only.

If you’re already familiar with TBFWWC —and if you have followed HI54LOFI for any amount of time, you should be— then you probably realized immediately after pressing the play button on the above player, that LadyFace sound eerily familiar (big, catchy indie pop choruses with wide eyed romantic lyrics, and always a hint of possible murderous intent under the surface).

Well, that’s because TBFWWC have only changed their name to LadyFace. As has been the case with a few bands I first became familiar with back in the Myspace days, sometimes a new name is the perfect fresh start (as sometimes that name you came up with 6 years ago —when you needed to give a name to that bedroom project you never really expected anyone else to listen to— just doesn’t resonate with you the same way it did back then). So farewell The Best Friends With Wolves Club, you will be missed. And hello LadyFace, I feel like I’ve known you for years..

(I suggest you go stock up on all the old TBFWWC material and then go get yourself acquainted with the first official LadyFace track, ‘Make Me Whole / Take Me Home’. And then go ‘like’ LadyFace on Facebook to keep informed on when the other tracks they’re currently working on will be released out into the internet.)

The Best Friends With Wolves Club didn’t let the upcoming end of the world ruin their holiday spirit, instead they wrote this great new Christmas song with their impending doom in mind. Well, at least the knowledge of their impending doom is present in the title… the track mostly deals with their fear of not finding the right present.

Which, lets be honest, is something we all are scared of.

You can download the track for free over on their Bandcamp, so I suggest you do that before it is too late (although, it looks like the apocolypse was a bust… but there is still time for getting yourself a non-shitty Christmas tune).

The Best Friends with Wolves Club: Site | Twitter | Bandcamp | HI54LOFI

I put a track from The Best Friends With Wolves Club on the July 8tracks mix tape, which was a good reminder that I never posted about the great acoustic session they did awhile back for THE iNDiE MACHiNE. You can watch it above and then you can go grab the EP versions of both tracks from their respective/brilliant EPs, Cha-Cha-Cha! and Cities Vanishing (which are both FREE, so you might as well grab more than just the tracks they just busted out on the acoustic guitar).

The Best Friends With Wolves Club sent me an email last week saying they busted out the casio and would have an EP ready to release soon… and cha cha cha, here is that EP (it’s called ‘Cha-Cha-Cha!’. It’s 14 minutes of catchy, upbeat indie pop. Songs about love and death, kind of like a sunnier Tim Burton love story (and fittingly, with those themes, a Cure cover). Or as Eric says:

"You could listen to this while rollerblading."

So get out your ‘whatever brand rollerblades come in’ rollerblades, put on your oversized headphones and matching shorts, and then get out of the house and soak up the weather (I’d say ‘soak up the sun’, but I’m in England and that is not always possible). 

But before you do all that, head to Bandcamp and download the whole thing for free-free-free! (otherwise, your rollerblades, headphones and matching shorts won’t feel like such a good idea)

I know I’ve been posting about Valentines Day again and again (and again), but I promise, this will be the last one on this here tumblr (until next year). I just didn’t want you to miss out on the chance of getting HI54LOFI RECORDS Valentines Day compilation for yourself, while at the same time getting to send a Valentines Day card + FREE download of the compilation to anyone you fancy.

The compilation has great tunes like this The Best Friends With Wolves Club song on it (plus 15 other songs). It might even get you lucky.

Happy Valentines Day!

'Don't Look Down' is being released as a single so people can get a little taste of what The Best Friends With Wolves Club are cooking up for their first full length release, coming out later this fall / winter. And the first taste is both tasty and free. I would write more about it, and maybe even throw in a clever metaphor, but I'm moving to England next week and am a bit short on time for being clever.

Luckily TBFWWC had some time to describe this sweet single:

“’Don’t Look Down’ is another attempt to communicate a real urgency and feeling of immediacy in our music. We’re young men, and I feel like that is the kind of world we live in at this point. A world of right now. A world of screaming and flailing at anything within reach.”

Head over to HI54LOFI RECORDS and check it out / download this brilliant single for free (or jump straight to Bandcamp and do the same.

We are super stoked to announce the latest The Best Friends With Wolves Club release. Cities Vanishing EP was recorded during the winter of 2011, during a two night stay in a cabin in Northern Ontario. Although the true recording landscape was that of a forest in the dead of winter, it really does sound like the EP is coming from an isolated radio station somewhere in outer space. TBFFWC have always had a hint of darkness to their lyrics, though this EP even sounds a bit darker than their previous work (the lovely female vocals come courtesy of the talented Craven Canary).

You can listen to the whole thing over on HI54LOFI RECORDS or you can jump straight to TBFWWC Bandcamp page where you can download the EP for the low price of free.

Originally written and recorded by Canadian lo-fi darlings Eric’s Trip, this track was later covered (and made a bit more known) by American lo-fi darlings The Microphones. The next crack at getting this brilliant tune stuck in a few more heads comes back from the motherland. The Canadian taking the crack this time around is our friendly friend, The Best Friends With Wolves Club. And the man behind TBFWWC is called Eric. So, the circle is complete.

Go to TBFWWC bandcamp page to cop the free download of Sands (and if you haven’t yet, go read our Q&A with TBFWWC).

Friendly Mix Tapes - The Best Friends With Wolves Club

Besides the brilliant free EP they released on HI54LOFI RECORDS yesterday and the page turning Q&A they did, The Best Friends With Wolves Club also made this sweet mix tape. You can expect more ‘friendly’ mix tapes in the upcoming months, as well as a bunch of other things. 

For some reason, the first track is not playing on the above player. Maybe this will right itself in the next little while, but another option is to just head over to our 8tracks page where you can also stream it in full (and it’s working properly over there).

Hawkley Workman can be hit and miss. If you are of the type who finds him to be ‘miss’ you have probably heard his latest album and not For Him And The Girls (which the original version of this song is from).

And maybe he will still be a miss for you. But before you make up your mind on the issue, you really should give that album a listen.

The Best Friends With Wolves Club, on the other hand, are always hit (at least with me). I look forward to hear what they’ve been cooking, because I heard that they’ve been cooking again.

Check out their myspace page for more.

You can also grab a song of theirs for free on, a compilation we put out many moons ago: Counting Stars With The Curtains Shut