#showdowns and throwdowns

the eddie murphy musical showdown

Welcome to the battle for the greatest musical contributions of Eddie Murphy. In this corner we have the wonderful ‘party all the time’:

And in the other corner, we have the lesser known duet with the late Michael Jackson (too soon?), ‘Watsupwitu’:

Personally, I’m a bit torn between the two as they are both equally brilliant. Although, if it came down to a life or death decision, I think I would have to give my vote for ‘Party all the Time’. Its pretty close though, as ‘Watsupwitu’ does ask some very thought provoking questions and brings up some serious world issues (including, but not limited to: ‘Watzupwitu?’ ).

But, I think we can all relate to the everyman woes of ‘Party all the Time’. Besides, its Rick James, bitch.