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Wow… this album is pretty awesome.

Bedroom Sessions 004 - French FIlms About Trains

Episode 7 of ‘Mix Tape Radio on Folk Radio UK’ sees the 4th installment of our ‘Bedroom Sessions’ seriesSession number four features 2 covers and 1 new original track from French Films About Trains. They recorded the tracks in an empty house, admist the very contemplative process of packing up all your shit and starting new somewhere else. Which is beautifully put to tune on their new track ‘The Road Is A Home’.

“They were recorded at random times during the packing up of the ol’ house, with one mic but with different contraptions depending on what was nearby at that moment. (also at different stages of a cold) ;-)  They’re prettty raw and rough, but I figure that’s sort of the way with bedroom recordings.”

Besides the whole session being available for free, one track is also featured on the latest episode of Mix Tape Radio (airing this week, 1st airing this Sunday).

Now would also be a good time to check out French Films About Trains first EP ‘Boxing Day’, which is coming close to it’s 1 year anniversary. It’s the perfect little EP to soundtrack this upcoming xmas season.


HALLOWEEN - OCT2012 from HI54LOFI on 8tracks Radio.

Here’s a halloween themed mix tape for you to put on while you put your face on. Or while you wait for the bus. Or, if you go to Alton Towers and it is like it was when I went on Monday… while you wait in a queue (we even had to queue to get special tickets to skip to the front of the queue).

Here are the artist links for you to check things out further:

And if 1 Halloween mix is not enough for you, you can listen to this year’s 8tracks Halloween mix as well as last years, one after the other, over here (and then a really big mix from Unholy Rhythms). And if that is still not enough Halloween for you, I put one up on Mixcloud last year.


Fourteen years ago I moved from a small Belgian town to Barcelona. I was young and I wanted to know pain and life and pleasure. Far away from the small safe life I had lived up to then. Far away from family and friends and all things known. I moved here to be ignored, feel less than nothing and start from scratch. Like one of my favourite songs of that time said: I wanted to go to the bottom and put my soul on fire. And I got what I came for. Barcelona had fun and sun to spare. Life became a day-to-day struggle to make ends meet. And most of all, people ignored me happily. I was a stranger to everyone and I don’t think I’ve ever felt freer since then. But you can’t be a stray bullet forever, you’re bound to hit a wall or flesh sometime. And that’s when shit started happening. I had thought about a lot of things, but not so much about language. The Spanish language had never been on my mind except when I tried to sing along to The Miami Sound Machine as a little kid. I knew a couple of words when I got here (hola, adios, no, sí, chuleta de cerdo –no idea where that one came from-), but nothing to keep a decent conversation going. And once the stray bullet started landing places, it got hard. It is one of the most frustrating things in life to be the mute at the table. Smile when everyone else smiles. Shake your head when everyone else has decided things are wrong. Without language you are a piece of dead wood on rolling waves. And things can get pretty ridiculous. Like that time when I ordered a Penis Sandwich (the Spanish word for chicken –pollo- is ridiculously similar to the one for penis – polla-). Or the other time when for reasons unknown I was hired as a translator for a Belgian psychiatrist who had written a book about sex. During the presentation to the press he pronounced the following sentence in Dutch: “The male sex organ should be used as a paintbrush rather than as a knife.” There was a silence, the room full of journalists looked at the translator –me!!!- and I mumbled some words and everybody started laughing and I was fired on the spot five minutes later. Funny how two of my most embarrassing moments ever had the word penis in them… Anyways. Being unable to express myself had become the hardest thing to handle in this adventure. You crumble every time anyone says something to you. You start doubting everything. Fourteen years later most of those doubts have disappeared (they should let me translate the penis thing now…), but one of them remained for a long time. When you are walking and somebody you know well enough to greet but not well enough to engage a conversation with walks past… Do you say “hola” or “adios”? Do you say hello or goodbye? Both are logical: you meet and walk away. I always said “hola” until I realized that people here say goodbye rather than hello. And every time I said hello I saw them doubt for a moment. Should they stop and start one of those awful conversations where you have nothing to say (there is always a reason why you barely know a person)? Why had I said hello instead of goodbye? What did I expect? So little by little, after years of misunderstandings and terrible small talk, I started saying “adiós” as well. I learned to love Spanish as the incredible language it is. I learned the words for penis and chicken and sandwich. I learned to decide when to smile and when to shake my head. And I learned how to say goodbye. 

 Here is a song about doubting whether to say hello or goodbye. It’s called “There is a home for you”. My friend Laura Rasanen played the violin and sang along. I hope you like it.





In which alleged anxious person Keaton Henson comes out of hiding to sing this just fucking unbelievable song with the Staves, whose harmonies make the last Fleet Foxes album sound like a mid-puberty middle school choir. (Fleet Foxes are obviously really good at harmonies, so you get the point.)

This is very lovely.

Very lovely indeed. And you can download the track over on Soundcloud.


“Good Woman” by Eddie Vedder // Originally by Cat Power (2012)

The original version of “Good Woman” by Cat Power (and featured on her stunning 2003 album, “You Are Free”) is a crushing, heartbreaking song about coming to terms with a poison relationship despite loving the other person. It’s Chan Marshall at her most powerful and poignant. The song features haunting backing vocals from Eddie Vedder (and drums from Dave Grohl), and now Vedder has gone and performed a stirring version on his own while on tour in Amsterdam last month. Surely this has made it’s way around the net, but I felt like highlighting it here as it’s a stellar version of one of my favorite songs of all time. 

love this song, love this version

Bandcamp Radio on exfm…

I love Bandcamp. I also love exfm. And since they both play so nicely together, I decided to create something that combines what the two sites do so well.

That ‘something’ is called Bandcamp Radio. So what is that?

Well, in a nutshell, I’ve created an exfm account where I only ‘heart’ songs that are available on Bandcamp. This creates a radio station that is not only made entirely of music available on Bandcamp, but all songs have direct links back to the Bandcamp page they come from. I personally believe that the greatest way to support an artist is to purchase their music through their Bandcamp page (as that is the place where they’ll get the biggest cut). I also believe that not everybody is as aware of Bandcamp as they should be (which isn’t helped by the fact that most internet radio stations always create buy links to iTunes or Amazon). And… finding new music on Bandcamp can sometimes be more labour intensive then your average music consumer is willing to put in. So I hope that Bandcamp Radio can help with that (as long as you have a similar taste in music as me).

Now Bandcamp has already created a great tool for discovering music on their site (called the Discovernator), but the one thing it doesn’t currently allow you to do is to put things on shuffle and discover new music through osmosis (i.e. like having music playing in the background while you get your Excel on). So hopefully you’ll find Bandcamp Radio as a nice alternative to listening to the radio while you’re at work or on the bus or wherever (and hopefully when you hear something you like, you’ll click the source link and support the artist… a lot of the times they are free downloads anyways).

IMPORTANT: The best way to listen to Bandcamp Radio is to scroll down until you hit the last song (or at least scroll down a ways so you load more songs) as soon as you arrive on the Bandcamp Radio exfm page. If you don’t scroll down before you push ‘Play All’, then exfm only loads the first 20 songs. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page before you push ‘Play All’, then exfm will load all of the songs that have been added. So - at the time of this blog post - you’ll be putting 151 songs on shuffle instead of 20 (which is the difference between an hour long playlist or an afternoon long playlist).

I’ll continue to add new songs every week to Bandcamp Radio, so keep tuning in and discovering how much great music is available on that extremely artist friendly service called Bandcamp (and don’t forget, exfm has a great and free iPhone and Android app, so you can take Bandcamp Radio with you in your pocket).

Bedroom Sessions: 002 - Gobloots

This is the second installment of our ‘Bedroom Sessions’ series, which is where we get an artist to record a ‘Daytrotter-esque’ session in their bedroom or closet DIY equivalent location. And then I feature one of the tracks on our ‘Mix Tape Radio on Folk Radio UK' show, and make the whole session available to download for FREE on our Bandcamp page.

Session number two features 5 new songs from the brilliant songwriter Gobloots. And no, Alex is not a dead ringer for Louis CK, that is just a picture of Louis CK on the cover. Why? Well, when it came to the cover, Alex said to me…

“just use a really sad picture of louis.”

Gobloots recorded this bedroom session somewhere in the US of A, in between a non-stop tour with his band The Harmed Brothers.

Besides the whole session being available for free, one track is also featured on the latest episode of Mix Tape Radio (which is airing this week).

And if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out the all Gobloots mix tape we put out awhile back. It is completely free and gives you a pretty great run down on why Gobloots I think Gobloots is such a brilliant songwriter.

Mix Tape Radio on Folk Radio UK: Episode 003

It’s almost time for the third episode of ‘Mix Tape Radio on Folk Radio UK' (like in 10 minutes). Here are the air times:

Episode number 3 sees the return of our Bedroom Sessions. This time around is the brilliant song writer Gobloots (whose voice you may recognize as one of the members of The Harmed Brothers, or maybe you picked up on the Gobloots mix tape we put out awhile back). He recorded 5 new songs for in a bedroom somewhere in America, and one of those tracks will be featured on this episode (and the whole session is available for FREE over on our Bandcamp page). Besides some Gobloots, you’ll also be treated to an hour of 17 other fine music makers, from an artist whose name is in ALL CAPS to an old folk singer that spent the bulk of his life not knowing he was huge in South Africa (and a bunch of other great stuff in between).

So… add the above dates to your daily planners and set your clocks to tune into the fine Folk Radio UK (and you can listen more than a few ways, one of which being directly on their Facebook page).

And if you missed the previous two episodes, you can listen to them over on our Mixcloud page.

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