I figured I would stop regurgitating exactly what was on HI54LOFI.COM and start using this tumblr as a mostly wordless representation of the things I've been listening to, watching, reading and any other verb that keeps me from doing the things I should be doing.

Couch by Couchwest

If you can’t afford that plane / bus / train / ticket to get to Austin for South by Southwest (not to mention a week off of work), perhaps Couch by Couchwest is more up your alley. Bands can submit videos of them performing and fans can sit at home and watch. Not quite as good as what the atmosphere is like in Texas, but beats sitting at home twiddling your thumbs.

Bands, check out their submission rules (they started accepting videos yesterday and will continue to accept until the 17th) and then set the video camera up in front of the couch and get in on the festivities.