#Todd Snider

“You know, if I ever do get my money together

I’m gonna take care of all of my friends

I’ll buy an island run a phone line

Call them tell them all to get fucked, oh

That oughta take care of them

Just be me and my money and my compliments and my publicity

Sing it with me

Money, the compliments and publicity”

Why does the western world seem to be getting more and more conservative? I don’t seem to have any friends who are conservative, but apparently that is just because I don’t have that many friends.

Back home in Alberta (Canada), they just had their provincial election. Now, Alberta has always been extremely conservative, but this year it got even more conservative. A new, even further to the right party — the Wild Rose Party — was threatening to over take the already right winged Progressive Conservatives. And a lot of people who normally would have voted for a left wing party, now had to decide between voting with their hearts or voting strategically (i.e. in order to make sure the far right didn’t win over the not as far right). That’s how conservative my home province is.

And maybe because I used to live in the left neighbourhood of Old Strathcona (which, by no coincidence, is also the coolest neighbourhood in Alberta), I naively thought that two right wing parties would mean that they would steal votes from each other and it might be a good opportunity for a left wing party to finally grab a seat. But then I look at the Alberta Election Results map and see that, yes, the two right wing parties did split votes… but in most areas you could still combine all the left leaning parties votes and that still would not have been enough to win a seat (although, it is hard to say how many people ended up voting strategically).

I just don’t get it. Who are all these conservatives? And it’s not just Alberta. It’s everywhere. England is now run by conservatives. America, even with a Democrat as a president, still seems to be run by conservatives. And it’s not just politics, it’s our media and education too. Last night on The Colbert Report he was interviewing a guy who helps decide what goes into text books… and not only does he not believe in evolution, he point blank said that he believes the humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

Why the people we’d never hang out with are the ones we let make all the rules will never make sense to me. This Todd Snider song, on the hand, continues to ring painfully true.

I finally got a hold of Todd Snider's latest live disc, which has been out for awhile.

If you’ve ever seen Todd live, then you can probably already guess how enjoyable of a listen it is. If you’ve never seen Todd live, then you should add it near the top of your bucket list (it’s probably more attainable then some of those other things anyways).

The ‘Bill Elliot Story’ that appears on the 2-disc live set is pretty much the same version that Mr. Snider shared when he swung by Edmonton last year. And the smile on my face while listening to it again was also pretty much the same one that I wore when hearing it for the first time. A Todd Snider story doesn’t get old. The tunes don’t either.

Swing by Todd Snider’s website to grab a copy for yourself.

Near Truths and Hotel Rooms is one of the best live cds ever (to be perfectly honest, it is one of my favourite albums ever), and the reason is because Todd Snider is one of the most charming performers around. I’ve listened to the ‘The Story of The Ballad of The Devils Backbone Tavern' a thousand times, and every time I listen to it I sit there with a stupid grin painted on my face. Every single time, like a mom watching Oprah. I've probably included it on more mix cd's than any other song and I'm posting about it again today because tonight I finally get to see Todd live. I'm a bit excited about that.

If you are in Edmonton and need a little extra push to come see the show tonight, here is a great video of Todd performing live in Des Moines. If it doesn’t charm your pants off, you’re probably not even wearing pants right now.

But don’t confuse him for a comedy act. He is one of the best songwriters around and has written gem after gem (after gem). I’ve read more than a few reviewers tag him as a ‘honky tonk Randy Newman’, which is nice of them, because Randy gets a bad rap every since that Family Guy episode where he just sang what he saw.

Todd Snider - Happy New Year

todd snider (found at: http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/files/2010/01/Todd-Snider1.jpg)

Well, I hope everybody had a wonderful new years eve celebration and I wish you all a lovely 2010. Especially you, Country Joe.

Todd Snider - The Ballad of the Kingsmen

Todd Snider

There is so much charm, humour and intelligence packed into almost every Todd Snider song that sometimes you don’t realize how catchy they also are until you find yourself humming it days later.

I remember the day i first heard this song. I was in England, oddlly enough (or at least it seems like the kind of song you would hear on the radio somewhere in Texas and not somewhere near Hull). A bunch of us were in a van driving home from the night shift as a demolition crew at ASDA (England’s Walmart). I’m pretty sure no one else in the van even heard it; but my ears perked up and made sure to not miss the dj explaining who it was that just played.

If you don’t, you should really go buy East Nashville Skyline. It’s a damn near perfect album, start to finish.

"i may-a-make-ya-a-oooh-wah"