I figured I would stop regurgitating exactly what was on HI54LOFI.COM and start using this tumblr as a mostly wordless representation of the things I've been listening to, watching, reading and any other verb that keeps me from doing the things I should be doing.

This track by The Black Tambourines starts off a bit like that 13th Elevators song that John Cusack puts on at the beginning of High Fidelity. You know, right after he gets dumped by his lady, delivers that brilliant monologue and ends up screaming at her out the window. The rest of the song goes its own way, but you could easily replace ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me' with '27 - 25 Blues' and the scene wouldn't lose the feeling of a man who has just been scorned.

I only recently found out and got into The Black Tambourines (as well as the label Art Is Hard, who will be releasing TBT’s 3rd EP on cassette—which will include this track) but I am glad I did. Their dirty garage jams are precisely one of my favourite cups of tea.

You can download this track for free over on their Soundcloud page. And then be sure to check out their Bandcamp page, as there is a bunch more music ready for you to throw on your modern walkmans (and check out Art Is Hard, they’re doing great stuff).