#Jack Hayter

What starts off sounding like it might be coming to you from the deep south of America, very quickly starts sounding like its true home —jolly ole England— as soon as Jack Hayter starts singing. ‘YR Lucky Charm’ is a brilliant tune, that starts off simple and builds into a barrage of a great jumble of noises. The Dandelion sessions were recorded for Dandelion Radio, to tie into the release of the lovely Sucky Tart (brought to you by the good folk over at Audio Antihero), and those sessions are now available as a ‘pay what you think is fair’ deal.

So head on over to Jack Hayter’s Bandcamp and grab it for yourself.

Audio Antihero’s third release will be coming out in the new year, but you can grab a sneak peak of that album now (for free). If you are like me and wondering, “what is a cutty sark?”, I will spare you the googling. A ‘cutty sark’ is a clipper ship that is kept in Greenwich, London. Now you can just focus on the rest of the tune (and the lovely artwork done by the talented Benjamin Shaw).

Although, looking back, I guess it was kind of obvious that a ‘cutty sark’ was a boat.

Pick up the track I Stole The Cutty Sark on the Audio Antihero Bandcamp page. Swing by Jack Hayter’s website for more info on the artist.