I just grabbed a copy of Audio Antihero's great new (and massive) charity compilation. It features 36 tracks, including Me And The Horse I Rode In On’s brilliant Fredricton, a brand new Benjamin Shaw track, this lovely Thirty Pounds of Bone track and 33 other tunes. And all proceeds go to help raise money for The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Jaimie is calling it a double album… but I think it would more accurate to call it a triple (if not quadruple) album.

Swing by Audio Antihero’s Bandcamp page and help a great cause, while at the same time helping yourself to 3 dozen tunes. Everybody wins.

Valentines Day is near…

Since Valentines Day is fast approaching (and it is getting likely that any new physical cards we send out via post will not make it in time), I just wanted to let you know about the special promo that HI54LOFI RECORDS will be running for the next few days:

*SPECIAL OFFER: From now until the end of the 14th, if someone buys our Valentines Day compilation for £1, not only do they get an immediate download of the compilation, but I will send a digital Valentines Day card + a FREE download of the compilation to the person of their choice (via email). If they spend £2, I will send to 3 people. If they pay £3, I will send to 6 people. £4 and I will send to 10 people. £5 and I will send to 15 people… and if someone spends over £5 I’ll see how many they want to send out.

Don’t miss out on this great way to not only make someone else’s Valentines Day better, but yours too (as you also get the compilation). So it is kind of like having your cake and eating it too, while also giving other people your cake and then them getting to eat it too.

Head over to HI54LOFI RECORDS Bandcamp page and start the love spreading process now.

A Valentines compilation from HI54LOFI RECORDS

The above player is just a sample of the 15 tracks that make up HI54LOFI RECORDS special Valentines Day compilation. You can get / hear the full thing over on Bandcamp, or keep reading as to why this compilation is ‘special’…

“When I think of Valentines Day, my fondest memories of it are when I was a young chap, and didn’t really think about things like ‘love’. They were innocent times, and you’d give everyone in your class (even the ugly / stikny ones) a cute little card that asked them to be something neither of you were willing to commit to. It was easier to throw around words like ‘be mine forever’ back when forever meant, at tops, about a month. The older we got, the more complex things got. You either were forever alone or stressing out about another last minute stab at being romantic enough to make it through another year. And the cards stopped coming (except from Grandma).

This year, we hope we can help you recapture some of those warm and fuzzy feeling that Valentines Day once brought. So we’ve put together a digital box of 15 musical chocolates for you to not only gorge on yourself, but send it to everyone in your class (even the ugly / stinky ones), via a special Valentines Day Card. And here’s how it works:

This compilation is a ‘pay what you want’ download, with the minimum purchase set at £3. When you purchase the compilation, you will receive an immediate download in whatever format you desire AND… we will also send a physical Valentines Day card to the person of your choice (to anywhere in the world). And this is no regular Valentines Day card, it comes with a FREE download of the entire album.

So, for just £3, you get a copy of this lovely 15 track compilation for yourself AND the person of your choice gets it as well, along with a special Valentines Day card. It’s the perfect way to say “I love / like / miss / think of / want / etc you”.

But there is more… we have made the compilation ‘pay what you want’ so that you have the option of sending out more than 1 Valentines Day card / FREE album download. If you pay £5, we will send out 2 Valentines Day cards to the people of your choice. For every £1 over the £5 mark, we will send 1 Valentines Day card on your behalf. So, if you pay £8: you get an immediate download of the album AND we will send a Valentines Day card / FREE download to 5 people.

So send one to your lover. Or send one to your friend. Or to your secretary. Or your mother. Or your whoever you think is special enough to get a little sugar this Valentines. Swing by our Bandcamp page and start the love spreading process right now.”

A ‘Friendly’ Sampler- Volume 1

A 'Friendly' Sampler

I decided to put together a little sampler of some of the great tunes and artists that are currently involved with whatever it is that HI54LOFI RECORDS is. The sampler contains a track from each of our current friendlies and the whole thing has been mixed into two sides of music. In practice, putting it on should feel a bit like putting on a record. There is no jumping around from track to track; each side is 25 minutes + and has to be listened to in the order it comes in. There is even a slight touch of crackle and fuzz. The whole thing is a free download (or you can ‘pay if you want’) and it comes with a sexy PDF booklet.

Listen to the album below, listen to the album over on HI54LOFI RECORDS, listen on Soundcloud, or just jump straight to Bandcamp and download the whole thing for free right now.

HI54LOFI RECORDS presents: a ‘Friendly’ Sampler - Volume 1 by HI54LOFI RECORDS

This compilation was original put together for the cool German online music rag Sonic Reducer, as they were doing a little feature on us. Happy 20th of April to you all, and remember… sharing is caring, so pass it along to your friends.

A friendly exchange on Myspace, with a fellow named Snippet, eventually led to him sharing a link to this free compilation that he put together. And it has been the soundtrack for my hungover attempt at finishing my graphic design assignment for this week before the end of the night.

This is the closing track, and if you like the sounds of it you can check out Cleemann’s myspace page for more.

But make sure to grab the compilation, unless you have issues with free things.

Counting Stars with the Curtains Shut (July 1st 2009)

counting stars with the curtains shut

Yes, this compilation was put out over a year ago. But I’ve been meaning to put it out again on Bandcamp ever since Bandcamp made it possible to put out compilations. And now I finally got around to doing so.

It features the same great songs / artists as before, but has a different cover.

It is still free, so if you haven’t already (and even if you have) you should add it to your digital collection.

CLICK HERE to download.

Hope you enjoy and a big thanks to everybody that was involved in the album (with links to their Myspace page for more goodness):

  1. Lemon Lips
  2. The Best Friends with Wolves Club
  3. Black Lakes 
  4. Happiest Lion
  5. Evan P. Donohue
  6. Gobloots
  7. Glass Cake
  8. Derek Scholls is not on Myspace anymore.
  9. Family Friends
  10. Lint Vaccine
  11. benfondren
  12. Annie Accidental
  13. Pieter the Rooster
  14. Sam and the Love
  15. A Singer of Songs