Today is the day that Colateral Soundtrack’s Collage EP is ‘officially’ released. It was actually available yesterday, but if you happened to miss out on hearing about it then, now is your chance to remedy that. The whole thing is a free download and wicked. And if you happen to live in an area still affected by winter, putting this EP on your headphones will actually help melt the snow.

Swing by HI54LOFI RECORDS to listen in full and grab a copy for yourself.


Colateral Soundtrack - Me enamoro cuando… [con Apache O’raspi]

This Mexican artist is releasing a fantastic album called Collage officially tomorrow. Which is a rather fitting name as it’s an album made of various sounds ranging from some of the best latin drums I’ve heard to classic sound bites. Think latin Monster Rally; where Monster Rally is to tropical as Colateral Soundtrack is to spicy latin flavor.

This album is best listened to front to back though each track works quite well on it’s own. ‘Me enamoro cuando…’ meaning “I fall in love when…” with the track ‘Buen dia’.

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