#Clem Snide

I recently came across a Clem Snide EP of Journey covers on Bandcamp, and it is quite lovely (especially his take on ‘Faithfully’). And it reminded me of their album ‘The Ghost Of Fashion' (which this track is off) and of how much I used to listen to it. There was a stretch of months where I enjoyed the shit out of this album, in a way that was hard for me to put a finger on. Or more accurately, I always had trouble finding someone else who shared my enjoyment, which made me question why I liked it so much. I would put it on and people would lose interest quickly, and either start talking over it (as if it wasn't even on) or even worse, make a move to switch the cd when I wasn't looking. What did I get from this record that they were missing?

I was sure that I genuinely appreciated this album, but being young(er) and more concerned with the opinions of peers on topics as important as musical taste, I started to doubt myself. Was I just more invested in this album because I paid a small portion of my accrued wealth for it (on a whim I might add, based solely on the cover art, song titles and the fact that I thought I had heard something about Clem Snide before), so therefore I was more willing to make excuses for it, to find its inner beauty the same way a parent does with their ugly child? Maybe it is just essential for us to have a few albums in the collection that feel misunderstood by everyone but yourself, and this was one of those albums for me. Or maybe they were all wrong and it really was great. Maybe they were idiots.

So I’ve been listening to this album again and again these last couple days, and I am able to confirm that it really is great and they were all wrong. And idiots.

(and while we’re partially on the topic of Clem Snide performing covers, there is a 15 song covers album also available on Bandcamp… and this one is pay what you want).