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hello all,

as you may know we will be updating our myspace music player in December to be completely xmas flavoured (roasted chestnuts, rum and egg nog, grandmas cooking, whiskey straight, etc.). at the moment we have 5 songs that we can hold in our hands and 2 songs that are on the way. that leaves 3 spots still open (10 song max on myspace music player’s).

it should also be noted that so far all of the songs are submitted by blokes (ladies, this xmas mix tape  could really use a touch femininity). it should also be noted that none of the songs so far are covers of traditional christmas songs.

last xmas post i shared one of my favourite xmas songs. this time i will share a song that stirs the most xmas memories.

Alabama - Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear

ok, i am very aware that the cool factor on this song is low. but when i think of christmas, i always think of this song. probably because my mom only seemed to own two christmas CD’s, Alabama - Alabama Christmas and a Boney M one (which I guess sounded to ethnic for me as a young boy to be my number one - although the opening little riff on ‘thistle hair’ does sound a little Boney M-ish).

alabama christmas

i don’t know what a ‘thistle haired christmas bear’ is now and i didn’t know what it was as a child. it did not have an accompanying cartoon like the frosty’s and rudolph’s of the christmas music scene. maybe that was the appeal; you could just imagine your own christmas story (with the opening theme song already provided).

any who — if you are interested in being a part of our xmas myspace mix tape player (check out our myspace regular mix tape player), all you need to do is let us know. email us an mp3 or a link to where we could listen / download a track. this music player will be accompanied with a blog that links up to all the featured artists myspace pages. also, each featured artist will be top friended on our page for the time that their songs is up on the player.

we hope to have it up at the start of december.

fell ease navy david.


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