The Best Friends With Wolves Club sent me an email last week saying they busted out the casio and would have an EP ready to release soon… and cha cha cha, here is that EP (it’s called ‘Cha-Cha-Cha!’. It’s 14 minutes of catchy, upbeat indie pop. Songs about love and death, kind of like a sunnier Tim Burton love story (and fittingly, with those themes, a Cure cover). Or as Eric says:

"You could listen to this while rollerblading."

So get out your ‘whatever brand rollerblades come in’ rollerblades, put on your oversized headphones and matching shorts, and then get out of the house and soak up the weather (I’d say ‘soak up the sun’, but I’m in England and that is not always possible). 

But before you do all that, head to Bandcamp and download the whole thing for free-free-free! (otherwise, your rollerblades, headphones and matching shorts won’t feel like such a good idea)

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