I just received a lovely test pressing of Lizard Kisses previous single ‘Water Tap' in the post (which came on clear vinyl in a hand painted sleeve… which is quite a nice piece of eye + ear candy), around the same time as this brand new track of theirs was released on a massive 100 track compilation from the folks over at Beko.

I haven’t downloaded the full 100 track compilation (as I don’t really have the time available right now to responsibly consume 100 more tracks in my iTunes), so I can only say with confidence that you really should go pick up the gorgeous 'Water Tap' vinyl and definitely download ‘To Recapture’. Although, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also download the free 100 track compilation from Beko (and I probably will too, just at the moment, I have so many other things I have’t listened to properly yet and the thought of putting 100 more tracks on top of that made feel a bit like one of those dirty cat hoarders).

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