I was planning on posting about Fire Island Pines new EP a couple of days ago (i.e. when it was officially released) but then I came down with this cold & flu combo and haven’t been able to muster the energy to do more than watch embarrassing amounts of Lost all day and night. I think my girlfriend started to think that I wasn’t even ill, just addicted to the show. I’m not even sure anymore, as it feels like the time it will take for me to feel fully recovered is the exact same amount of time that it will take for me to watch the rest of the final season.

What I am sure about is my enjoyment of this EP. These 4 lovely slices of indie pop have been on rotation at my headphones for weeks, in both sickness and in health. I’ve already put the EP’s title track on a recent 8tracks mix tape, so today’s post will stick to giving you a taste of my favourite track off the EP. Which, conveniently enough, just had a music video created for it. Gotta love that bass line at the 1:20 mark. Ba ba ba da ba ba ba ba ba…

Now, I’m not quite sure how they have managed to pull this off (or if it is an accounting error that will be changed as soon as they notice it) but you can get the EP on vinyl for just £2 (and it even comes with a free postcard)!! What the what? I don’t even have a record player at the moment (I had to leave it Canada when we moved), but I am seriously considering buying this on vinyl anyways (the tunes are ace and god hates those who pass on a great bargain). Swing by their Bandcamp page now.

Fire Island Pines: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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