This song starts off with the sounds of birds and beach and some Hawaiian flavoured Christmas music (or at least I think that is some Hawaiian flavoured Christmas music… my Hawaiian knowledge is mostly restricted to Dog The Bounty Hunter facts). Which must be where the ‘holiday’ in the title comes from. And then the record skips and it jumps into a a pretty chill, very non-Christmas vibe. Thus, explaining the ‘?’ in the title. Or at least that is how I interpret the song title (‘Holiday… question mark’). And since this the first Christmas in ages where me and my girlfriend won’t be spending it with any family (and probably very little Christmas music or decorations), this song is hitting the spot.

Well, the whole album is hitting the spot, if we’re being honest.

I just came across Thrupence the other day when I saw it show up on Albert from Black Coffee and Cherry Pie’s Facebook feed. And not only is this Jack cat throwing down some pretty great sounds, he is also a really talented designer (check his website for proof). It is a rare combination to have a good ear and a good eye, so it is doubly nice when you happen upon those that do.

Swing by Thrupence’s Bandcamp and grab a copy of Serenade / Promenade for free (that is the album that ‘Holiday?’ is off of and the whole thing is really great). And then start following Thrupence’s tumblr.

Thrupence: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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    Sundays and serenity and music box glitch-hop, these are a few of my favourite things.
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