“Brother Jeremy, I wanted to follow up in case this dank jam had slipped past you.”

Now that’s how you do a follow-up email (i.e. call me brother, keep it simple, and use the word ‘dank’).

I guess soul ran in the family.

Dream. Be generous, don’t be stingy. Please. … Life’s a hurly-burly, so I would say try hard to diversify your skills and interests. Stay away from drugs and talent judges. Get organized. Big or little, that helps a lot. I’d like you to do better than I did. Keep your dreams out of the stinky business, or you’ll go crazy, and the money won’t help you. Be careful to maintain a spiritual EXIT. Don’t live by this game because it’s not worth dying for. Hang onto your hopes. You know what they are. They’re private. Because that’s who you really are and if you can hang around long enough you should get paid. I hope it makes you happy. It’s the ending that counts, and the best things in life really are free.
some wise advice from Mr. Iggy Pop

This talk from Bandcamp founder Ethan Diamond perfectly captures why Bandcamp is the best. You should watch it (and pass it on to any non-converts).

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